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CC Fest

Sept - Dec 2022 | Video Production

CC Fest is a free and inclusive event supported by Processing Foundation that brings together the creative coding (CC) community for a day of playful, interactive, and educational speeches or workshops related to code and tech!

To promote CC Fest NYC 2023, I managed a team to produce a promotional video, "What is CC Fest?" and a series of transcribed workshop videos from virtual CC Fest to post on the Processing Foundation's social media.

Production & Managment

As the video producer, I managed the production of two video and videos series simultaneously. One being the "What is CC Fest" video with Sachie Ariga and the other being a series of workshop videos from Virtual CC Fest zoom recordings. The workshop videos were a selection of four workshops from the 2022 event which were transcribed and edited into short clean videos to be published on Youtube with Closed Captioning.

As the video producer, I found transcribers and directly coordinated job descriptions and deadlines to ensuring the quality of the video transcription. Then, I managed all of the editing to omit technical difficulties and long pauses captured in the recording. Finally, as I prepared upload on Youtube with thumbnail design and title/description writing, I coordinated with the workshop hosts to get their full consent and approval for publishing. This playlist is soon to be published on the Processing Foundation Youtube Channel.

Strategy & Process

Coordinating with Processing Foundation Education Community Director, Saber Khan, we knew we wanted to create a video that captures the essence and fun of CC Fest. Hence, Sachie Ariga and I strategized ways to encapsulate CC Fest's welcoming spirit and create a video with the young audience in mind.

From reviewing CC Fest's history to developing multiple drafts of the script, we created the "What is CC Fest?" video as a form of promo for the upcoming CC Fest event in NYC. The video team took inspiration from the existing design assets to create a new set of animated characters and elements to better portray the event's playfulness.

As a two person editing team, work was divided evenly and continuity between design elements and transitions were kept in mind. As audio recording for the video narration took place virtually, I coordinated with Saber Khan to ensure audio quality and tone matched between the two characters.

Throughout the project, Saber Khan and I coordinated to refine the design and aesthetic of the "What is CC Fest" videos. Saber & Cece, the two characters were born after multiple iterations.

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