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Anxious Bodies

April 2023 | Installation Design

Prompted with the concept "Anxious Bodies," this installation transforms the interior of a classroom into an immersive experience including visual, audio and sensory design.


Visual Design - Karen Abe

Sensory Design - Ziqi Huang

Floor Plan Design - Cong Wei

Audio Design - Xinghan Zhuang


When thinking about "anxiety" our group had a deep discussion about our common experiences with anxiety. We found that short-term anxiety was often related to perception and being under the surveillance of public eyes. Thus, we wanted to visualize this environment in the class space using three projected animations, a wall of live camera feed, an interactive "stage" and audio design.

The three projected videos were animations of eyes all moving side to side, following a point in space. This animation as created with the help of generative creative code via p5.js. The audio design included tracks of crowds and an audience laughing and gossiping.

The interactive performance required one audience member at a time to stand. in the front and center of the classroom. With a live camera feed projected behind them, this audience member was directed to take a mysterious flavored piece of candy to put in their mouth. The surveillance of other classmates and a live camera prompts the solo audience member to reflect on their experience of having to "perform" under these unexpected circumstances of eating a piece of sour candy.

Floor Plan

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