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Feb 2023 | Installation Design

In my expanded animation grad-level course I was tasked to create a “pop up” installation anywhere on USC campus. As commentary on the architecture of the cinematic arts buildings and my personal desire for windows in my classrooms, I created a projection of what I dream to see.


As my imagination is heavily influenced by my upbringing with studio Ghibli films , I embedded peaceful scenes outside my “daydreamer” window. I overlayed design assets sourced online and stitched my favorite Ghibli film scenes.

Composited in AfterEffects, the scene was built out and projected onto the site wall. The projection was moved pixel by pixel to be cleanly projection mapped onto the architecture of USC's School of Cinematic Arts building.

Located between the George Lucas Cinematic Arts building and the Redstone Stages, the Installation was open for viewing for passersby. The installation caught many students eyes and even sparked joy when they realized what films the iconic scenes were from.

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