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May - July 2022 | Event Coordination & Video Production

The p5.js Access Day is a virtual conference to talk about access in open-source software for the arts (OSSTA) and greater issues beyond the software. The day-long online event features four themed-sessions — Critical Web Accessibility, Disability Arts, Access & Community Building, and Access via Translation. It provides space for contributors of p5.js and experienced practitioners from outside OSSTA projects to share their knowledge, perspectives, and dreams for building greater access to technical and arts spaces.

Event Coordination

As the event coordinator, I worked closely with Qianqian Ye-- p5.js Access Day Organizer & Curator, to organize the event with accessibility at its core. This includes coordinating with speakers and moderators to make their participation a smooth and easy process. I managed email coordination and created "event prep" documents to facilitate the process. Additionally, to ensure the event is also accessible for the audience, Closed Captioning was enabled through Zoom and had live ASL interpretation provided by the Pro Bono ASL team. To ensure the event maintained a safe environment, I served as a moderator for the event. 

Leading up to the event, I also managed all social media postings on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. This came with responsibilities such as writing captions and image descriptions for all p5.js Access Day related posts.

Video Production

Reviewing the 15 workshops recordings from p5.js Access Day, I created summary videos that encapsulates the power and essence of the virtual event. Montaging impactful lines of speech from each workshop and writing a script that provides an overview of the event structure, I produced two versions of the summary video-- one with English Closed Captioning and one with ASL interpretation. A playlist of videos were also created with the zoom recordings of each topic sessions as a form of archiving and extending p5.js Access Day beyond the one-day live event.

As the lead for video production, I coordinated with other team members such as the CC transcription writers team and ASL interpretation support members to ensure ideas were accurately portrayed in the video. Through the course of a month of virtual work, I provided drafts and reiterated edits to create a video that best represents p5.js Access Day.

To document the research and procedures put into virtual filming and video production, I created a public "Virtual Video Production Guide" to lend insight for future video producers and virtual event hosts.

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