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mama's triptych

Mamas Triptych is an annual three-tier transformative art exhibition in April 2022 & 2023.
The exhibition consists of three components: "zart gallery" “tiny lot" and "janus" as a cross-collaboration between ZAP, Songwriters Forum and Haily Foster's Senior Capstone Project.
April 2022 & 2023 | Event Design & Production

our story

Organized in the back lot of "Mama's Mansion" on 37th Street, Karen Abe, Jazmin Polido, & Haily Foster came together to bring together their respective creative groups: ZAP, USC Songwriters Forum, and USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance to create Mama's Triptych. This three-tier transforming art exhibition showcases the visual arts, live music, and dance to empower young artists in the local USC community.


As best friends, housemates, and collaborators, Mama's Triptych flourished into an annual event. Our first installment of Mama's Triptych was on April 3, 2022, and the second was on April 2, 2023.


Follow our INSTAGRAM! A third installment coming soon? 👀

Read an article about the event on Annenberg Media.

Photo & Video

Laurie Carillo

Eilythia Penati

Documentary crew!

Amy Pham

Somi Awasthi

Nicolas Diaz-Magaloni

Kai Kaneshiro

Nikhita Rao

Nicholas Vizzi

Triptych 2023

For the second installment of Mama's Triptych, the triptych trio (Jazzy, Haily & I) wanted to develop a stronger theme and sense of identity. Using the concept of "perception of self vs perception of others," our team started to ideate and design Mama's Triptych 2023.

Mama's Triptych 2023 featured 11 young artists + business vendors, 10 live musicians, and 17 dance performers.


With ZAP | Media Arts + Practice Collective having my back, I lead a team of 6 to design a gallery with more cohesion and interaction. I learned so much through this process about art direction, collaboration, and streamlining the creative process.


Here was my amazing team of creatives:
🎨Art Direction Kathryn Luo & Tina Shi 
🖼️Graphic Design + Visual Direction Abigale Chen
🪑Production Design Lead Joyce Kim
🗝️Visual Design for Triptych Collaborative Piece Zifei Zhang 
👛Mama’s Closet Organizer Amy Pham 
👁️Creative Producer Karen Abe

Process & Prototypes

With concepts of introspection and perception at the core, our team designed a few interactive touchpoints.

a scerenshot of our teams collabrative FIGMA spread.

Triptych 2022

As the lead organizer from ZAP, I curated Zart + Zoffee-- an art gallery that featured 10 student businesses, artists, thrift corner and Z(c)offee provided by Cup of Troy. I was inspired to curated this space from my personal desire for opportunities that showcase work made by young artist like myself.


I opened public applications for artists and young businesses to fill out via Google Form. As the curator, I kept in mind accessibility. Hence, emphasized that applicants did not need any qualifications to participate and provide resources (such as tables and name tags) to lower the barrier of entry.

Out of the 10 booths, ZAP also hosted a table where BONDS: the first ZAP zine premiered. ZAP also fundraised over $100+ through a bake sale and its $1 portrait drawing service.

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