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A research-based multimedia installation that explores issues around colonialism, militarism and environmentalism through the lens of tourism in Hawai’i.

Annual three-tier transformative art exhibition showcasing visual arts, music and dance.

Check out my involvement in the

Open Source Arts Community


USC’s first club for Media Arts + Practice students

Strategizing video animation for event promotion

Experimenting with database & web design to host educational resources

Web platform designed up uplift AAPI youth

Designing & building resources for activism


World building in 3D

Making dreams a reality with projection mapping

Stop motion animation about my island home.

Documentary of Grandma Katsue and Great Aunt Miyako's story from the 1945 Tokyo Bombings.

Unlocking Processing's power for music visuals

Karen Abe (she/they) is a Hawaiʻi born media artist, creative producer and community organizer.

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